Welcome to Seco Engineering

Welcome to Seco Engineering

We are a consultant delivering engineering, design, project management for clients across a broad range of sectors including Electrical, Mechanical, Plumping and Lightning.

Our track record of around 20 years of working in some of the most complex environments shows that we're highly able at developing creative solutions - sometimes when others didn't believe it was possible.

Seco Engineering can also work with businesses to create solutions for E&M problems. This may mean designing better lighting for a portion of the building or the parking area.

Our Vision

To be the world's pre-eminent supplier of technical and strategic services including Electrical, Mechanical, Plumping and Lightning to the tall Buildings and industries.

Our Manifesto

We are an innovative organization committed to helping our clients achieve unprecedented and sustained business results.

Our clients appreciate our added value, trust and communications, as well as our ability to transfer our expertise quickly and efficiently on a global basis.

Our Stands:

  • Provide a healthy and safe workplace environment
  • Create an organization that allows each person to make a difference
  • Create and foster client relationships based on trust and respect
  • Do the proper homework on every project
  • Be unconditionally honest with our clients
  • Be innovative in creating and measuring value
  • Invest in the development and transfer of technologies and skills
  • Provide seamless worldwide communication
  • Provide all of our services and technologies at the highest level of quality
  • Use sustainable-development principles to guide us in our work







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